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10 Specials

Available for Dine-in, Collection & Delivery

In response to a recent crisis of a pizza maker's version of writer's block, I have a plan. TEN SPECIALS IN TEN WEEKS! I've been struggling with new pizza ideas, so this should help get ideas flowing again. Hopefully this challenge will succeed and be a source of renewed creativity and innovation, and not fail spectacularly (stay tuned).

Check back here each week to discover the latest special! Available for dine-in, collection and delivery.

Special #1 - Ten Specials.png

Special #1

1st to 7th May

Creative name, I know. Capers, Kalamata olives, lemon zest and truffle oil, with the optional addition of anchovies. And yes, this is the first time we’ve used truffle oil!

Ania's Special - Ten Specials.png

Ania's Special

8th to 14th May

A while back, I asked our newsletter subscribers to send their ideas for pizza toppings. Then, I picked my favourites and put them to a vote. There was a clear winner!

You may have guessed, but we’re calling it Ania’s Pizza because she was the one who suggested it! The lucky winner now has a pizza on the menu named after themselves and they won free pizza for a month!

Introducing Ania's Pizza, aka Special #2 - Mortadella (very popular and trendy right now), with pistachios (who doesn’t love pistachios?) We’ve also got our signature hay-smoked ricotta cream on there, with roasted pistachio pesto and crumbled roasted pistachios.

Zest and Crunchy - Ten Specials.png

Zest & Crunchy

15th to 21st May

It's back. You might remember this from last year. It’s has our classic tomato and oregano base with fresh Somerset mozzarella (standard stuff for Oscar’s). Then, there's sliced courgettes dusted with copious amounts of lemon pepper seasoning and olive oil. We also add some oyster mushrooms and into the oven we go! After cooking we add some feta cheese and fresh thyme. The textures and flavours on this pizza are very satisfying indeed.

I hate overcooked courgettes, so we slice the courgettes into the perfect thickness, meaning they're still nice and crunchy when they come out the oven!

Joan's Pizza.png

Joan's Pizza

22nd to 28th May

Another one I asked our newsletter subscribers to vote for, based on ideas previously sent in.

As indicated by the name, Joan won this round! They won free pizza for a month and a pizza named after themself on the menu.

This one's a classic that people always ask for and I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. It normally has some kind of white base and Joan has gone for a garlic butter. Then we have caramelised onions in a honey and balsamic reduction. There's also gorgonzola (first time using this at Oscar's!) with some lovely thinly sliced pears and walnuts.


Joan did specify fresh thyme or rosemary sprinkled on top but I’ve opted for a whole branch of rosemary as it’s one of my favourite little tricks! It gives a taste of smoke and roasted rosemary after being in the oven, isn’t that cool!?

Special #5

29th May to 4th June

I see you peeking 👀

Check back here on 29th May to discover the next special!

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